Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Civil War Oddities #87

When attorney John S. Mosby (1833-1916) decided to become a Confederate partisan ranger, he knew that members of irregular units were in far greater danger than conventional soldiers. Very early, Federal actions had made it clear that rangers not shot on sight would be relentlessly hunted. Undeterred by danger, Mosby’s wife frequently stayed close to him even during his famous raids in the Loudoun Valley of Virginia.

Federal soldiers once broke into the house where the pair was sleeping, but found no one there but Mrs. Mosby. Warned by her to get out quickly, Mosby had climbed into a tree wearing only his underwear. He remained in his perch and kept very quiet until the Federals departed, enabling him to return to bed with his wife.

The enclosed photo is an artist’s depiction of John S. Mosby and his wife.