Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Civil War Oddities #103

According to Captain Hartwell Osborn, the Federal Eleventh and Twelfth Corps traveled 994 miles by rail when sent from Washington to Bridgeport, Alabama, in 1863. With the 17, 500 men went 45 guns and 717 wagons and ambulances.

Aside from horses required by officers, said Osborne, 3,402 animals were taken south to pull vehicles of the fighting units.

One of Osborne’s comrades, who made the nine-day trip by rail with him, arrived at a different count. According to him the Eleventh Corps had in its quartermaster’s train 261 six-mule wagons, 75 two-horse ambulances, and 3 two-horse spring wagons. The Twelfth Corps carried 165 four-horse teams, 1,156 six-mule teams, and 75 two-horse ambulances. To These nearly 3,400 animals were added those of ten batteries, some 1,100 in number, and the horses of the field and staff officers.