Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Dorothy Lange Marsh 1923-2010

Dorothy Mae Lange was born 16 April 1923 in Calumet, Minnesota. Dorothy was the youngest child of Earl Lange and Ruth Finnerud, who were immigrants from Norway. She was a graduate of Greenway High School in Coleraine and worked for Dr. O. C. Braun in the early years.

She married John Preston Marsh 22 June 1946 in Nashwauk, Minnesota. They lived in Splithand Township, Grand Rapids, Minnesota, from 1947 to 1961.

In 1961 the Marsh family moved to Fort Pierce, Florida. Dorothy was looking for something to do and purchased a small pet shop. Happyland Pet Shop sold household pets, as well as exotic animals from South America, such as monkeys, baby skunks, lizards, turtles and snakes. The pet shop prospered and had to move to a large location. John Marsh left Vaughn & Wright Auto Parts in 1966 to join his wife in the pet shop business. The pet shop soon became a complete family business, with all of the children working at the store after school and loving it. Dorothy clipped and groomed dogs in the back of the shop. She and her family also enjoyed raising Miniature Schnauzers and Irish Terriers.

John and Dorothy Marsh retired from the pet shop business in 1983 and, much to the disappointment of their children, moved to Mena, Arkansas, in 1983. In her retirement Dorothy made a number of lovely quilts for her family, all hand pieced and hand quilted. She was known for her expert bread and bun making, including her famous Norwegian Christmas Bread. Dorothy still had a love for animals, especially dogs. Dorothy Marsh passed away on the evening of October 19, 2010.

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