Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Comparisons of Genealogy Software

Wikipedia has great, although abbreviated, comparisons of nearly all the current genealogy software. The list of software is impressive. I thought I knew about all the programs available today but must admit I have not previously heard of HuMo-gen.

The reports are split in two: one for client-based (Windows, Macintosh, UNIX, and Linux) programs and a separate report for web-based programs that are installed on a web server. All programs are listed by name, prices, and also have the most recent release dates. You might note that a few of these programs haven't been updated in years but most of them do have recent release dates. The oldest one listed is Personal Ancestral File, which has not been updated for nearly nine years.

Many features are compared, including Unicode support, pedigree views, chronology views, narrative reports, fan charts, research managers, mapping, and more.

The client-based comparisons include screen shots for many of the programs. All the programs listed have links that point to further sources of information.


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