Saturday, July 23, 2011

Apple's New OS X Lion Operating System

Apple has now released its latest version of the OS X operating system, called Lion. One thing new is the distribution method: you don't buy this in a box at a computer store. Instead, you download Lion online.

The other advanced feature that amazes me is the price: $29. Compare that to the competition.
OS X Lion is available online now. The new version has a long list of new features, too long to list here. 
  • Auto Save - the new OS X Lion automatically saves whatever you are working on so you don’t have to. This prevents the disaster for anyone who has ever lost hours of hard work after forgetting to press SAVE. It works automatically on all programs. Every document is saved frequently. In case of power failure, or human error (called the "ooops factor"), the OS X Lion user will never lose more than five minutes' of work.  NOTE: A few programs may need to have new functionality added to enable auto save. That might not happen for a few weeks but all Macintosh programs will probably fully support auto save within a few weeks.
  • Versions - this new feature saves the history of your documents, taking snapshots in time, and displaying them side by side with the latest versions in an easily browsable timeline. You can review the past iterations of your compositions, restore a previous version, or copy and paste from old versions to new ones. If you have ever accidentally overwritten the only copy of a document you have worked on for hours, you will appreciate being able to go back to a previous version within seconds.

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