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Albert Jacob Lange 1856-1933

Albert Jacob Lange I was born on November 10, 1856 in Oslo, Norway, was christened on November 24, 1856, and was due for confirmation in Old Aker Church by Vicar Dop on October 6, 1872. He attended Nissen’s and later Gjertsen’s Schools, as he was supposed to study for his examination. However, he quit before he graduated and went to work at the bookshop. In 1878, he established a secondhand bookshop in Christiania and expanded it to also be a “normal” bookshop in 1880. From 1888 to 1891, he worked in the office of his relative, grocer Hans Jensen in Homansby, and was hired on June 1, 1891 as commercial manager of “Nora Brewery” and held this position until he resigned in 1893. From 1893 to 1895 he was the commissar for a couple of out of town breweries. Thereafter, he was hired on July 11, 1895 as conservator in the “Society for the Building of Eidsvold’s Equipment”, - a business he had established himself the same year together with two other gentlemen. When the position as janitor became vacant on August 8, 1896, as Johan Haslum died, he took over this job (permanently hired on January 15, 1898). He held both positions until June 30, 1916, when the state took over the national historical collections in the Eldsvold building on May 17, 1914 and Lange was hired as conservator and manager of “Eidsvoldmindet” from July 1 1916. In 1903 he founded the society “Broderfolkenes vel”. He was on lecture tours in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. On June 22 1899 the Portuguese order “San Tiago” appointed him ”Cavaleiro” with chain. He published some historical works and was co-author for the jubilee work Eidsvold 1814 that was published in 1914. He died on October 30, 1922 and was buried on November 4, 1922. A great number of people participated in his funeral in Christiania. (Note: Albert J. Lange was the publisher of the first and second editions of the Lange Slektebok.)

Albert Jacob Lange I was married the first time in the Castle Chapel in Christiania by J. C. Heuch on September 15, 1883 to Karin Karoline Charlotte Arctander who was born in Skien, Norway on August 6, 1857 and who was the daughter of secondary school teacher August Hieronimus Arctander (1818 to 1878) and Carolina Andrietta Rosamunda Ahlsell (1832 to 1911). Albert and Karin were separated on December 6, 1909. She died on March 13, 1933. They had five children.

Albert Jacob Lange I was married the second time in Old Gamle Aker Church by Father Hanssen on June 1, 1912 to Herdis Lampe who was born in Laksevaag, Bergen, Norway on January 11, 1888. She was the daughter of steamship captain Carl Henrik Lampe (born in 1846) and Thora Heltberg (1859 to 1897). Herdis passed away in 1966. They had two children.

My Sources are from my database, Lange Book 1917, birth, marriage, and death certificates.

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